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Sundays @ 10:30am

Dobie High School

10220 Blackhawk Blvd.

Houston, TX 77089


Our Story

Pastors Vaughn and Kyla Walwyn, first met in high school and immediately had an inseparable connection. The night before graduation they became boyfriend and girlfriend and their relationship continued to blossom. As Vaughn went on to run track and field for Rice University, Kyla wasn't far from him studying miles down the road at the University of Houston. Shortly after college they were married and began having a family. They are now the proud parents of Phoenix, Kingston, Zaire and Ariana. From being youth pastors and campus pastors to reaching the homeless and incarcerated, over the last decade their entire family has become involved in ministry.  Vaughn and Kyla believe a healthy family and local church are the hope of the world and cure to many of the problems we face in today's society. With this belief they stepped out on faith with some great friends and family to plant Fellowship Houston, on the Southeast side of the city, where they were both raised and spent the majority of their lives. They have a first hand understanding of the people, the culture and the needs of this community, and have faith that this new church will breathe life into the great city of Houston, TX!


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